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Tips and Tricks for Linkedin Business

With over 270 million users and 3 million company pages in over 200 countries can your company or its employees afford not to be using LinkedIn in one way or another to enhance your companies marketing, sales pipeline or recruitment process?

LinkedIn by far holds the top spot of the “world’s largest professional social network” but I feel that it does much more than just networking. Once seen by many as nothing more than a great way to showcase your previous employment history, skills and educational background to your colleagues or potential employers it has now evolved into something quite unique.





 8 Core LinkedIn Products:

LinkedIn Sales Solution

LinkedIn Premium Subscription

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium

LinkedIn Job Posts

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn Talent Solutions


LinkedIn for Business Development and Sales

From my own personal background of selling hundreds of thousands of euros worth of stock on a weekly basis mainly into Asian markets our company was introduced early to the benefits of using our LinkedIn profiles to reach out to current and potential clients. One of the main objectives for our business and our senior management team was to build a strong trusting relationship with these clients. As face to face meetings where not only expensive and time consuming we found LinkedIn was the ideal platform whereby we could communicate effectively our own personal background showcasing our expertise in our sector and in turn building trust not only with us as individuals but also in the range of products and services we offered as a company to our clients. With the emergence of LinkedIn Groups we found ourselves being exposed to more and more potential business partners and found it to be a great insight into the local market and trading conditions.

LinkedIn Fones4Life Radar Innvovations

Radar Innovations – Business Page


LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn for Brand Awareness

In late 2012 LinkedIn launched a redesign of its company pages feature. This was a vast improvement on its previous version allowing companies to share relevant interesting articles, blog posts, videos, product or service announcements, industry news and special offers. The company page is also a useful tool to position your company as an authority on your specific business sector.




LinkedIn for Recruitment

LinkedIn has also proven itself to aid recruiters in the task of talent acquisition. With LinkedIn Recruiter, Recruiters can now easily search and communicate with potential candidates for their open positions. The recommendations feature also allows the recruiter an additional insight into a particular prospects abilities and previous work experience.


Susan Graye, the Hewlett Packard, Global Staffing Strategic Initiative Manager from the Houston, Texas area says, “she has been part of the LinkedIn network for over three years.”

During that time, she has used the LinkedIn network in a number of different ways to find employees including: searching by employer (current/past), using InMail, purchasing advertising, and networking.
Graye indicates that she has filled jobs from sales to executive level roles using LinkedIn. She thinks LinkedIn, “is a great venue to build and develop long term strategic relationships. It allows us to proactively network and learn on a continual basis.”



Gone are the days when recruiters when hiring had to pay to advertise a vacant role and await the CV’s to arrive in the letter tray or inbox. This puts the power into the recruiter’s hands and allows them to quickly seek out the people who have the listed qualifications and experience required for there open position.



LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn as an advertising platform is something which is often overlooked but with over 270 million users and its reach to specific industries and sectors for anyone selling Business2Business advertising on LinkedIn should be considered as part of there marketing strategy.

Although advertising is expensive in comparison to Facebook and has a far less audience your advert is being targeted towards an engaged audience in your selected target market and can be refined by Location, Company, Job title, School, Skills, Group, gender and Age.

The effectiveness of your Advert can also be measured either with LinkedIn’s own You can track your progress in the LinkedIn ads platform home screen. This will show you a graph mapping your progress.


LinkedIn Pulse

Paying a hefty price of $90 million LinkedIn needed this feature to get its users engaged and returning to its site for its content. The amount of time spent on the site prior to the addition of this feature would have been limited to a few short visits a week.  LinkedIn I am sure are hoping to claw back this price tag with better advertising revenues based on better engagement and return visitor numbers.


Social Media Usage

Have Brands become lazy in their attempts to engage with customers?


Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a large portion of content being posted by brands through their social media channels have become irrelevant and unimaginative. I like seeing funny pictures of cats as much as the next person but do I really have to see post after post of cats displaying there dislike for Mondays or even their delight for Fridays. It would appear to me that brands are running out of innovative ideas and are just posting for the sake of posting.

At the recent DMX Dublin 2014 event Tessa Berrera, Head of Social Media at Lexis and the woman who headed up the Social Media team at Red Bull for Felix Baumgartner’s world famous Stratos jump, argued the importance of thinking content first, brand second. She noted, social networks were built for people and hijacked by brands. Red Bull’s social model reflected this with a target mix of 40% amazing content; 40% user generated posts and only 20% brand messaging. Everything marketers do should be driven towards increasing those ‘moments of luck’ when users engage with our brands.

Red Bull SEO Marketing

Felix Baumgartner – Red Bull – Spacewalk

Can brands be totally to blame for this? Not entirely. Recent statistics relating to Facebook popular Business Pages would indicate that in 2014 only 2% of organic content is displayed on Facebook fans timelines. If you want your content to be seen it’s going to have to be paid for to be likely to be seen by a significant amount of people. We all know by now that Facebook is a public company and they have shareholders who are going to want a return on their investment but you have to ask is it worth creating an innovative Facebook advertising campaign based on these figures.

However brands need to increase the amount of innovate and amazing content if they want any chance of there content to be engaged with by their followers.Throwing out non relevant, sometimes annoying content in our faces through there digital marketing channels is not going to assist them in increasing these engagement rates.

The official Fanta Orange Facebook page with 13 million followers the day after St Patrick’s Day sent out the following post

Fanta Orange SEO Digital Marketing

Fanta Facebook Header

Fanta Facebook Post

Fanta Facebook Post – 18 March 2014

With over 13 million followers this posted received, 0 likes and 0 shares. Admittedly we are all little less engaging the day after St Patrick’s Day festivities but with 13 million followers to have no engagement whatsoever on a post is almost unbelievable. Taking into account Facebook’s limiting visibility on brand pages this particular post from an international brand was just outright boring and received the engagement value its deserved, None!

Its Twitter page is far less impressive. With over 18,000 followers it hasn’t posted since October 22nd

Fanta Twiiter Page

Fanta Twiiter Page

This is a huge company with massive marketing budgets. Surely there is no excuse for such a poor Social Media presence.

One of the most popular and entraining content I have seen in the last 12 months on broadcasted through the major social media sites didn’t even happen to be an brand advert

With over two million views on You Tube alone this was one of the most viewed, shared and liked pieces of content by Irish internet users in 2013. Seen by many outside of Ireland this was a great advertisement for the friendly atmosphere Dublin has to offer. Who was behind it? Failte Ireland maybe??  Nope! No brand managers, no advertisers or PR agencies. Okay there was a little advertising on behalf of the speaker company but this wasn’t the initial intention.

This would have been a mammoth success if a brand had had the idea of orchestrating this event and promoting there brand.

Is Google+ a Social Media waste land

Since its launch in 2011 Google Plus has been perceived by many to be the ghost town of social networks however Google has recently reported that there is over 540 million active monthly users of there ID service logging onto Google services such as Gmail, YouTube and +1 it may not be the barren waste land that we initially thought.

The figure of 540 million users is somewhat an exaggeration as this does include the highly popular services such is Gmail and YouTube be even taking these away Google has stated that there is 300 million active monthly users interacting directly with the Google+ in stream service.

Key Metrics recently announced by Google: 

  • 2nd Most Actively used Social Network
  • 1 Billion enabled accounts
  • US Demographics – 60.2% Women – 33.4% Men = Remaining: Unknown.
  • 1.5 billion pictures uploaded each month
  • 20% increase on videos being uploaded.


The benefits of Google Plus for SEO:

Being on Google+ comes brings with it massive benefits in the area of SEO, content being posted and shared is easily crawled by Google bots therefore improving a sites SEO in turn ranking it higher and making it more likely to be found.

The +1 features are also an important factor in SEO rankings with the higher amount of +1s a website has, has been correlated to higher Google search rankings. Moz’s most recent study of ranking factors confirms that Google+ is playing an increasingly significant role in a solid SEO ranking.

Google+ Authorship is an extremely useful tool that tags each piece of content you create and share and lets Google know that you created it. It credits all the links to you as the author and you profile will be ranked higher for this in return.

One of the major advantages to those searching for a particular brand or business is integration into Google search of the Google+ profile. Company profile, contact details, opening hours and Google map of its location are easily available. Google are doing themselves favors in this regards by pushing users to the Google+ platform but its also benefits the page owners by giving them extra unpaid for exposure on page 1 of Google search.

The Facebook Revolt:  

With Facebook consistently making changes that don’t do anything to improve the user or advertisers experience only its shareholders and in particular its changes its algorithm restricting the organic reach of posts for brand pages there seems to be somewhat of reluctance from marketers to invest huge amounts of time or money in advertising in Facebook alone. There is also a view by many that Facebook users are starting to get dissatisfied with their tired old interface and amount of advertising populating their news feeds. Although it is still by far an effective channel to consumers, marketers could be forgiven for spreading their budget across a number of social media channels. With a reach of 300 million and being the 2nd most actively used social network and its fresh user-friendly clean look there is a strong argument for allocating resources to Google+.


The Audience:

Although the demographic is different to that of Facebook there is evidence that suggests that the Google+ user base is a much more committed and loyal audience. This may be due to the age profile of average Google+ audience.

The Google circles feature which for personal users is seen to be one of the most innovate features allows for the page owner to segment their audience and post to a specific audience targeting relevant content towards the relevant audience. This then would in turn have a positive impact on the engagement rates of each post.

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