The cost of digital marketing, can you afford not to pay it?

The cost of digital marketing, can you afford not to pay it?

It’s now gotten to the stage that if your business hasn’t got a digital presence online you are in big trouble or going to be soon. With more and more consumers browsing and shopping not just from their computers but also using their smart phones and tablets, not having an online presence or any e-business facilities could be a disaster for your company. Businesses are now facing a future where as every digital marketer knows the value of content couldn’t be greater but what does this all cost?
Time as the old saying goes is money and are the only 2 currencies that businesses can trade with when looking into growing there business. If you don’t have time, then you must have money. If you don’t have money, then you must invest your time.



Nothing matters, especially for small-business owners more than finding the budget to implement new marketing strategies and improve their business. Although there are many roadblocks business owner’s face, money seems to be the biggest concern of all of them. Some key factors that need to make sure they are present if you want social media to work for you:

1 A Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy
A business is tied to an objective and so should its social media efforts. What are you looking to gain from an online presence needs to be carefully considered? Is it product promotion, sales or increasing brand awareness? Who is your target market? What is your competition doing? These are all question that must be answered before anything else is done. You need to clearly define your goals and the overall objective that you and your business are trying to achieve through social media.

2 Ongoing operation
Sadly, far too many business-owners think that social media is a one-time thing and take a “if you build it they will come” attitude. This is the wrong attitude as you need the customer to want to visit your website and ideally turn that visit into a sale and having stale and old content won’t do either of those things. The truth is that social media is changing every single day and consumers are looking for constantly updated content. Just as important, Google’s web crawlers or Googlebots are constantly seeking new content and not updating a website will affect its PageRank score.

3 Using the appropriate tools


Below is a listing of the more popular social media platforms and each of these social media sites will require a unique strategy tailored for each platform and why getting the correct marketing strategy is so important.





4 Additional Costs

There could be many additional costs to your social media marketing campaigns. You could need a web designer who will make sure your website and other social media profiles have a fresh and consistent brand look. You could need some technical help, investing in new hardware or a programmer for some sort of integration. However, the biggest chunk of your budget will go to the previous tasks we talked about above. If you happen to have an additional budget for advertising, then starting some ad campaigns will be very beneficial for your business, especially if you’re just starting out.

5 Can You Afford This? Can you afford not to?

For small-business owners, this might seem like lots of time and money to spend just on social media marketing, but the cost depends on many factors. If you start on the right foot with social media, then all of your efforts will be rewarded. However, if you don’t have an effective strategy in place, and you’re just stumbling here and there, then social media will never work for your business as it is the case with many businesses out there and you might as well pour that money down the drain. Below are some case studies your business might find helpful and give you some ideas.

BEST BUY (Twelp Force): Best Buy employee communities grew to 2,200 employees within 3 months and responded to over 13,000 customers on social networks answering public questions, concerns, and opinions.

BLENDTEC: CEO Tom Dickson ran viral commercials on YouTube to sell blenders direct-to-consumers and increased company sales +700%.

CISCO: Launched a new router and achieved goals using only social media. It saved the company $100,000′s
Marketing to Mom Coalition and mommy bloggers for excellence in terms of delivering sharable information.



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