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Digital marketing and you

Digital marketing and you

It’s seems like everyone and their dog is using social media these days and digital marketing is taking off at warp speed. Before taking the plunge into the digital world of the internet, a business needs to consider some important facts first.

Plan Before It Happens

Before you start a blog, open up comments, invite customer engagement or reviews, make a plan for the kinds of engagement you expect and most importantly how you will handle any negative reactions when it happens, and it will happen. The old saying of “you can’t please all the people all the time” is worth bearing in mind.
Some things to focus on during the planning stages are…
1. Will you allow comments on your blog posts/articles or not?
2. Will you filter or approve comments before they go live?
3. Are you only going to allow positive comments?

As a business, your company’s brand is one of your most important assets so it is vital to create guidelines for online engagement with customers up-front and communicate those standards to every the employees dealing with the business’s online presence. This will help your team avoid panic when negativity rears its ugly head and will allow them to deal with problems in a professional and positive manner. Not all of these guidelines should be hidden from the customer either, and that way users aren’t surprised when profanity or threats gets their posts deleted.

It’s not personal so don’t make it personal

This tip is short, simple, to the point but very important. Never get personal with a customer. Even if the customer is 100% wrong it’s best to let them vent and then try and sort out their issue when possible (see below). Getting into a slagging match on the internet will over ever result in your company coming across in a poor light. Correct any misconceptions or incorrect statements that are made but always be polite as driving away potential customers is the last thing a business wants.

Build Bridges and Solve Problems

Always respond respectfully to legitimate criticisms and try and solve the problem there and then if possible as offering to help will make a huge difference in the perception of your company. United Airlines refusal to deal with a customer’s broken guitar turned into a PR nightmare for them. Dave Carroll the guitars owner, not only made a hit song about the incident which he posted on You Tube that not only got 13 million views but also appeared on various American evening shows, news programmes, Time magazine and wrote a book on the subject. 4 days of the video being posted United Airlines’ stock price fell by 10% which was around $180 million dollars!

Stop digging if you’re in a hole

Everyone make mistakes at some point in life and business but when it comes to the internet, the worst thing you can do is pretend that you haven’t. With the likes of google, Wikipedia and legions of internet experts, any company found making false claims can end up really paying for it due to how fast digital word of mouth spreads along people being able to take a screenshot of the webpage.
When Apple banished Google Maps from the iPhone, consumers were concerned. Apple’s own maps app turned out to be riddled with errors, and didn’t even include public transportation mapping. CEO Tim Cook had to issue a public apology, conceding that the maps “fell short” before suggesting users download competitors’ products from the Apps store. Cook specifically called out Bing, MapQuest, or going to Nokia and Google’s website.The product manager who oversaw the maps team was fired months later.

Simply owning up to the mistake, apologizing and making an effort to fix it is so much simpler in the long run.


Social Media Usage

Have Brands become lazy in their attempts to engage with customers?


Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a large portion of content being posted by brands through their social media channels have become irrelevant and unimaginative. I like seeing funny pictures of cats as much as the next person but do I really have to see post after post of cats displaying there dislike for Mondays or even their delight for Fridays. It would appear to me that brands are running out of innovative ideas and are just posting for the sake of posting.

At the recent DMX Dublin 2014 event Tessa Berrera, Head of Social Media at Lexis and the woman who headed up the Social Media team at Red Bull for Felix Baumgartner’s world famous Stratos jump, argued the importance of thinking content first, brand second. She noted, social networks were built for people and hijacked by brands. Red Bull’s social model reflected this with a target mix of 40% amazing content; 40% user generated posts and only 20% brand messaging. Everything marketers do should be driven towards increasing those ‘moments of luck’ when users engage with our brands.

Red Bull SEO Marketing

Felix Baumgartner – Red Bull – Spacewalk

Can brands be totally to blame for this? Not entirely. Recent statistics relating to Facebook popular Business Pages would indicate that in 2014 only 2% of organic content is displayed on Facebook fans timelines. If you want your content to be seen it’s going to have to be paid for to be likely to be seen by a significant amount of people. We all know by now that Facebook is a public company and they have shareholders who are going to want a return on their investment but you have to ask is it worth creating an innovative Facebook advertising campaign based on these figures.

However brands need to increase the amount of innovate and amazing content if they want any chance of there content to be engaged with by their followers.Throwing out non relevant, sometimes annoying content in our faces through there digital marketing channels is not going to assist them in increasing these engagement rates.

The official Fanta Orange Facebook page with 13 million followers the day after St Patrick’s Day sent out the following post

Fanta Orange SEO Digital Marketing

Fanta Facebook Header

Fanta Facebook Post

Fanta Facebook Post – 18 March 2014

With over 13 million followers this posted received, 0 likes and 0 shares. Admittedly we are all little less engaging the day after St Patrick’s Day festivities but with 13 million followers to have no engagement whatsoever on a post is almost unbelievable. Taking into account Facebook’s limiting visibility on brand pages this particular post from an international brand was just outright boring and received the engagement value its deserved, None!

Its Twitter page is far less impressive. With over 18,000 followers it hasn’t posted since October 22nd

Fanta Twiiter Page

Fanta Twiiter Page

This is a huge company with massive marketing budgets. Surely there is no excuse for such a poor Social Media presence.

One of the most popular and entraining content I have seen in the last 12 months on broadcasted through the major social media sites didn’t even happen to be an brand advert

With over two million views on You Tube alone this was one of the most viewed, shared and liked pieces of content by Irish internet users in 2013. Seen by many outside of Ireland this was a great advertisement for the friendly atmosphere Dublin has to offer. Who was behind it? Failte Ireland maybe??  Nope! No brand managers, no advertisers or PR agencies. Okay there was a little advertising on behalf of the speaker company but this wasn’t the initial intention.

This would have been a mammoth success if a brand had had the idea of orchestrating this event and promoting there brand.

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